That proud arrogance of the Canada Goose finally also want to open a separate brand stores

Canada Goose for Sale Said to Canada Goose Chelsea Parka, everyone first reaction is that in Canada the streets of various ferocious abnormal attack passers-by the big fat goose? There are people the first reaction is: big goose? Okay to eat? Last week just eat wok stewed goose, the estimated Canada goose Black Friday 2017 taste is also not too poor.

In fact, today the cloud and the features known today to introduce to you is not to eat, but the maple leaf country produced outdoor national treasure-level down jacket brand. Its name is called Canada goose Borden Bomber Canada Goose it.

Canada goose Shelburne Parka this brand, in North America can be counted by listing well known, and can be counted on is the outdoor“street clothes”. Why a piece of outdoor down coat will be like the iPhone like crazy to pop up?

Canada Goose Jackets The reason is also very simple. Because of this outdoor jacket brands in recent years, the exposure rate is too high. On to the Prime Minister of Canada Branta, Trudeau, Russian President Vladimir Putin down to the film and television actor almost everyone on the Canadian goose has an obsession passion. Everyone loves to wear one piece, after all the outdoor windproof and warm but also very stylish Canada Goose Shelburne Parka.

Canada Goose Camo In fact the first to wear Canada goose down jacket of people, are some of the outdoors in the extreme climate of the work of the uncle, such as the high latitudes of the work of th[……]

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